“In times of rapid change, experience could be your worst enemy,” said J. Paul Getty. He might have been giving us advice on how to transform health care.

We have reached the tipping point for broader adoption of ACOs and other Advanced Alternative Payment Models (AAPMs) to organize health care and payment under both Medicare and commercial insurance. But our recent experience cannot tell us whether these approaches will work.

This, despite the fact that an estimated 10 percent of insured individuals—32 million people—were already covered by private and public ACO services in mid-2017. And we reached that point even before Medicare approved 124 new ACOs for 2018, for a total of 10.5 million Medicare beneficiaries. Note that the private sector covers more ACO patients than Medicare, although the model originated as a Medicare solution.

CMS is pushing Medicare away from the current payment program into AAPMs, including ACOs. The agency is clearly supportive of MedPAC recommendations to overhaul MIPS, the alternative Medicare Value-Based Reimbursement program, and escalating AAPM participation.

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